"Shannon Brown has a belting vocal and a crew of deadly shit kicking musicians. I've said it here before but this band produces some of the funniest and punchiest country music in New York." 

~ Neville Elder, No Depression

"Their new album has a fresh sound that celebrates the hillbilly way of life in songs delivered with backhanded-backwoods humor, lively arrangements and quirky licks that complement Shannon Brown's strong vocals and straight-up country sass." Read more...

~ Richard Diehn, Outlaw Magazine


"They really nail a classic 60s honkytonk vibe, adding a corrosively cynical lyrical edge: urban country, 2016...Not only is this a great country and roots rock album, Brown’s sense of humor will have you in stitches whether or not y’all grew up surrounded by rednecks."  Read more...

~ New York Music Daily

"The tracks on Country Girls Ain't Cheap are smart and focused, and they feature some exceptionally good melodies...these folks are so good at what they do.Read more...


"Trailer Radio merges traditional country with believable stories and a hefty dose of humor (and heart) that’s a hoot and a half. It’s smart, sassy, and hits the musical sweet spot."  Read more...

~ The Daily Country

"If classic country music from the 60s and 70s with a comedic edge is your thing, you'll love Trailer Radio...their new album is excellent." Read more...

~ New York Music Daily

"This band of bad-asses is called Trailer Radio, and the concocted musical cocktail tastes great, packs a punch, and will kick you off your barstool and onto the dance floor." Read more...

~ JD Duarte,

Press for Shannon Brown

"Shannon Brown pursues her career as a country singer and does it well, but as a dead-pan comedienne she could hold her own with most stand-ups in town. A West Virginia charmer, Brown's singing "Junk Food Junkie" and "Jolene" left one hungry for more."
~ Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes

"Shannon delivered the songs with charm, vivacity, and a warm, clear voice that was perfectly suited to the material! Moonshine Martinis is a breath of fresh air in the cabaret world and makes for a great night out!"
~ Jenna Esposito, BroadwayWorld



The Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum, NYC

Private Event, Upstate New York

Beast of Bourbon, Brooklyn NY

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