Like the A-Train plowing head-on through a honky-tonk, New York City's own Trailer Radio returns in fine form with their second full-length album, Country Girls Ain't Cheap. Their self-dubbed brand of 'Metro-Twang,' blends lyrics with tongue firmly planted in cheek - and quite possibly holding in a wad of chaw - with some of the finest, most genuine, Nashville-inspired music to ever emerge from the five boroughs (Hooterville, Mayberry, Possum Holler, Dogpatch and Brooklyn). The band rips through 10 songs of dysfunction, drama, discount vaca­tions and more. "Metro-Twang, is country music," explains lead singer Shannon Brown, "but bent just enough to satisfy even the most neurotic, sarcastic, Type-A city dwellers as well as more traditional country fans." 

"I used to think I was the only hillbilly in New York City, and felt it was my responsibility to bring some good country music to the poor, deprived city folk," she jokes." All kidding aside, in 2008 I wrote and performed a country cabaret and got some good response to that, so I was bitten by the bug. Country music was picking up steam in the city, especially in Brooklyn, and I wanted to try my hand at writing and performing material that would be a marriage between honky tonk music and urban sensibilities and also have a healthy dose of humor. In 2010 I was introduced to David Weiss (guitar; Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble, Steve Conte NYC, Alexis Suter) and Joel Shelton (bass; Jesus H. Christ) through a booker at a club. They had already written a couple tunes that hit me square in the funny bone, like "A Little Too Old (And A Lot Too Ugly)." So we started working up their tunes, picked a few country covers, brought in Mike Dvorkin (guitar; Tammy Faye Starlight) and Kenny Soule (drums; Walter Trout, Mary McBride), and let our hillbilly flags fly! In 2011 we recorded the first Trailer Radio album, and we've been twanging it up together ever since. 

Shannon Brown (Lead Vocals)

Mike Dvorkin  (Guitar)

Mike Dvorkin (Guitar)

Kenny Soule  (Drums, BG Vocals)

Kenny Soule (Drums, BG Vocals)

David Weiss  (Guitar, BG Vocals)

David Weiss (Guitar, BG Vocals)

Joel Shelton  (Bass, BG Vocals)

Joel Shelton (Bass, BG Vocals)